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Best Fat Burning Workout

People who are trying to lose weight often look for the fastest way to burn fats. Some resort to actually depriving themselves from food just to lose weight, but this is actually inappropriate. Crash diet slows down metabolism. Your body detects that what you’re eating for does not provide enough. It burns calories slow to make sure that your body that the few calories you have will suffice despite the deficiency caused by crash diet.

In addition to that, if you start eating more, you’ll gain weight faster. Since the body is not well adjusted to your new eating habits, it will take some time to revive your regular metabolism. Crash diet is not an option. If you really want to burn fats fast, you should try high intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT are cardio workouts that speed up fat burning. Here are HIIT’s best fat burning workouts you can try:

•             Sprint Interval Workout

This is a type of HIIT that builds muscle endurance and at the same time, increasing your anaerobic threshold, which then burns your fat faster, both during and after doing your routine. This best fat burning workout requires that you do more warm up before doing 4 sprints with Level 9 on the exertion chart. Between each sprint, you’ll have recovery time of 5 minutes to get ready for the next set.

This is quite a challenging workout so you’re free to modify intervals to fit your fitness level as well as your weight loss goals. You may do this routine on a cardio-machine or you can do in track ovals. However, this best fat burning workout is advisable to intermediate or advanced exercises.

•             High Intensity Aerobic Intervals

Similar to sprint interval workout, this also increases anaerobic threshold. You need level 8-9 perceived exertion level and be able to keep this level up for 4 minutes. You need to do 10 sets on this, with 2-minute recovery time. If your feel tired you may get slower or lower your resistance to maintain your perceived exertion level. This best fat burning workout requires for you to maintain recommended level.

•             High Intensity Medley Workout

For this routine, you’ll need three cardio machines, treadmill, elliptical trainer, and a step mill. With the equipment, you’ll be involved in a mixture of intensities. You’ll do workouts with intensity level of 8-9. With this medley, you’ll also have variations on the length of routines in the three machines. Feel free to modify intervals to fit your fitness goals.

These workouts increase your anaerobic threshold. Anaerobic threshold is actually the point which lactic acid starts to accrue in the muscles, or also known as, lactate infection point. In a more comprehensive sense, this happens when a person’s body is under extreme conditions such that burning of oxygen does not suffice he body’s demands.

When anaerobic threshold happens, the body begins to burn stored fuels, like sugars, this is why most fat burning workout increases AT level. These workouts require preparedness of the body. They have high intensity and your body’s physical limits are pushed to its boundaries. So before you engage on this, make sure that you’re prepared.

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