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Workouts to Lose Weight Fast

Are you in a rush to lose weight but you don’t want to deprive yourself from the pleasures of eating? The choice you have is to do workouts to lose weight fast. Since you still want to eat, you have to burn them, big time. Though, exercise and proper diet is advisable. You’ll get the most out of what you’re sweating for. There are many workouts available out there, but here are the top five workouts to lose weight fast.

•             Step Aerobics

Step aerobics is different from all other types of aerobics you’ve seen because it uses an elevated platform called the “step.” This type of aerobics is offered in many gyms. Step aerobics follows a certain beat, as if you’re dancing. If you love dancing, you’ll actually enjoy this. This burns roughly around 800cal/hr. This is definitely one of the enjoying workouts to lose weight fast.

•             Bicycle

Bicycling is one of the well-known hobbies by sports enthusiasts. This type of workout is actually a real calorie burner, depending on how fast you can go. Aside from the fact that it burns calories, this workout is also enjoyable. So some people also see this as a recreation. You can burn 500cal to 1kcal with this workout.

•             Swimming

This is one of the best workouts that can help you lose weight fast. With an hour of doing laps, you can burn 800cal. Aside from losing weight swimming also tones your body, especially when you’re doing the freestyle. For novice swimmers this will help you develop skills in swimming which you can later use as survival skills.

•             Racquetball

I know many haven’t heard of this, but this is definitely one of the must do workouts to lose weight fast. This is a sport that can be played either indoor or outdoor. This helps toning thighs and legs with the entire side-to-side running. Aside from leg toning, this is also a great cardio workout. Similar to step aerobics, this workout helps you lose weight fast because you can burn as much as 800cal/hr. If you have a partner, this can be a great way to have bonding time together.

•             Elliptical Burner

This is a great cardio workout. This helps you build strong muscles and at the same time toning your stomach. You’ll find this workout great especially when you have a television in front or an iPod, so you can watch our favorite shows or listen to your favorite songs. While you’re entertained, you actually don’t realize that you’re also losing weight. You can burn as much as 600cal per hour with this workout.

With all these workouts, the key to losing weight fast is discipline. If you’re into losing weight, you have to commit to it, even if you have a busy schedule. Set what time you have to do your workout and make it a priority so you won’t get distracted to do something else. Doing these workouts to lose weight fast will definitely give you the results you want in no time.

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